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Shower Repairs Guide

Hello my name is Grahame pleased to meet you

I update these pages with the latest repair information
to make it even easier for you to understand your shower,
if you have an immediate problem please email : info@totallyshowers
or ring 01202 524909

Before you start, a warning about Health and Safety, Electric showers contain high voltages
and mixed with water leakage can be very dangerous, if you have any doubts about your competence
or level of safety either to your person, property, or that of others, call a professional immediately

Totally Showers accepts no responsibility for how you use the following information

FAULT  "There is water coming out of the unit"
Advice ; Possibly PRD blown do not attempt to use switch off immediately and call an engineer

FAULT "The water is too hot"
Advice ; Check that the holes in the Shower handset have not become blocked with limescale

FAULT "The water has lost pressure"
Advice ; Check the shower hose is not squashed or damaged

FAULT " The water from my electric shower is cold"
Advice ; Check that the fuse has not 'tripped' or the pull cord switch broken

FAULT " There is no water from my shower at all "
Advice ; Check you have a water supply and make sure the valves are fully open

FAULT " There is water leaking from the unit"
Advice Have you recently changed your standard boiler to a pressurised Combi ?"

FAULT " I can't hear the shower motor running"
Advice 1   If you have a transformer change the Blade Fuse in the side of the transformer

Advice 2   If you have standard fuses check they have not blown or RCD switch tripped out

FAULT " The flow has lost pressure"
Advice   Check that you can hear the pump running, if not follow the fuse advice

FAULT " There is no water "
Advice   Check for air lock by laying handset in bottom of bath and turning unit from cold to hot

Fault " The shower head will not stop dripping"
Advice  Call engineer

FAULT " The water is cold, the water is hot"
Advice  Check the inlet filters and or water supply

FAULT " There is a poor flow "
Advice  Check the Shower handset is not blocked and the shower hose is not kinked

FAULT " My shower drips from the head "
Advice  Call Engineer

FAULT " The controls are too stiff to turn "
Advice  Call Engineer

FAULT " The temperature has become unstable "

Advice  Call Engineer

Hopefully this will save you time in getting your shower working again

For more details or further information please download one of our FREE Guides

Best wishes Grahame

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