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How to easily change your shower Handset (hints & tips)

All showers can benefit from the investment of a new shower head but ECO's are best fitted to high pressure systems saving up to 50%

Customer Service Tip : Electric or Gravity showers are 'naturally eco' and therefore only require standard NON -ECO shower heads

Q. Will it fit my shower ?

A. Yes, our entire range of showerheads are specifically designed to fit all UK showers, so you can order with confidence

Q. Do I need any special tools ?

A. No, it is only hand-tight, simply put on a dry rubber kitchen glove and give it a good twist (anti-clockwise to unscrew, clockwise to screw) retain or replace the washer, see fitting Kit (Kit contains two washers)

Q. Mine just seems to go round and round without unscrewing ?
(see easy step-by-step removal pictures below)

A. OK no problem it will still fit, you just have an 'extra feature' on your handset, between the handset and the hose, it is meant to stop the lead twisting round as you shower, it works a bit like the 'anti-twist' spigot on your garden hose, just release the spigot then replace as normal

Q. Does this mean my lead will now twist with the new handset if I have done away with the 'anti twist' spigot ?

A. Sometimes your spigot will fit a new ECO handset, sometimes not, but in either case this gimmick (we often find they stop working after a short while hence the term gimmick ) is not as valuable to your budget as a new ECO shower head, guaranteed to work every time you shower , so start saving and order yours now

Customer Service Tip : If your spigot release has become stiff just give it a little tap then push the release (see images below) in this example I have used the back of a table knife as I was in the kitchen already rummaging through the kitchen drawers trying to find a rubber glove, hence the addition of our new Fitting Kit so you don't have to... !

How to easily remove a handset Swivel Spigot :-


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